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Weaker euro exchange rate is good for exports

The US and European Central Banks are following different paths. A side-effect of this is that the euro exchange rate is weakening, making European export goods cheaper on the world market. And that could be good news for exporters such as Airbus.

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The world of ING in Q3


A new development bank built with BRICS


Turkey makes pitch to uni students


“Access to network more valuable than money”


ING’s social media strategy recognised


The 7 most striking quotes of the third quarter


CEO Ralph Hamers on ING in 3Q

This Quarterly Update begins with CEO Ralph Hamers talking about ING’s progress in the third quarter of 2014 in a video interview and is followed by a snapshot guide to the key facts and figures in ING’s third quarter financial results.

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Living by the dashboard light

Thanks to innovative technologies, we can now monitor our behaviour around the clock. Which lets us lead healthier lives, drive more efficiently and use less energy. But is all that feedback really such a good thing? Will it genuinely help us to invent a better version of ourselves?

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Inside ING

The right information at the right time

How much money do you spend on your car every month? How high are your energy bills? And how much longer do you need to save to pay for your dream holiday? To answer these questions, you need to understand your financial situation. ING encourages its customers to think about their finances and to take action.

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“This is real business-model reinvention”

Peer-to peer companies like Airbnb empower consumers to rewrite business models. Rachel Botsman, widely regarded as the thought leader behind the emerging collaborative economy, predicts that many more industries will face the same challenges now confronting the hotel industry, with financial services at the forefront.

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Column Mark Cliffe

The New Abnormal

Will tomorrow’s economic reality be the same as today’s? ING’s chief economist Mark Cliffe argues that the economic situation in the world is far from normal. And this is not likely to change for the next few years.

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What happens if you bring together around 600 IT engineers in one location? Answer: they create the most innovative ready-to-use software applications! ING is therefore supporting its own and external IT engineers to think ‘outside the box’ at the ING hackathon.

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Marie-Stella-Maris: giving with water

The Marie-Stella-Maris brand is not just another brand of water. This Dutch company behind the brand has a special, social mission: to provide as many people as possible worldwide with clean drinking water. And that’s why Marie-Stella-Maris wants to start its global expansion.

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The agenda for the next quarter

Which dates should we keep free in our diaries over the next few months? We have pinpointed relevant events and publications with an international financial-economic scope. Like the Conference of the European Banking Federation in Brussels.

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